Sunday, May 14, 2006

My thoughts + gaming

Ok heres the deal, i've been playing games for a very long time now, and i've gone through the lot of em, Doom95-Ghost recon AW.

In my experience so far i've noticed that teh concept of noobhood has been in effect all teh time, and i've also noticed how hard it is to acctually explain the word noob to a non-gamer. the thing is that anyone can suck at a game, but that doesnt make em a noob, The Way of the noob is a state of mind not a lack of skill. In the early games like Doom, you could basically only play against friends since most people didnt host dedicated servers, So u ended up playing with people u know and this was all good and full of laughs. But as soon as games popped up which could host ppl from outside your friendship pools, NOOBS came to life. In theory a skilled player can be a n00b as long as hes got the mentality for it, And also; a noob doesnt nessecarilly have to be a bad person, (Although 90% of the time they are). The first game ever, to include n00bs was Half-Life, Followed by the NOOB MONSTER Counter-strike, This was mostly due to the fact, that games were now available to 14 year olds (Fjortisar<-- google it.) and well before that u basically needed coding skillz in order to even get a server running. When all of these noobs started playing, they always had this elevated mentality about their gameplay, They all seem to believe that "They PWN all and im so good, that if you kill me; you must be cheating" This gave Birth to the term (OMG HAXX NOOB) this has been so used up that the whole meaning of the word has been reversed, In the early days of "CS" people that got accused of haxxing(Cheating) started making these long speaches about how they were not cheating and how the accusing person at hand was a complete noob for saying it, and how his mom is a %¤%#. That was the good old days, But now when CS has gone so far as to become even old, although the new generation of 14 year olds are keeping it alive, The term Haxx is a compliment, In an average round of CS which takes about 15 minutes and 5 acctual runs, The word haxx is used 12 times, (I've counted the average) this means that the people that are saying OMG HAXX is probaly telling the other person OMG U HAXX, But the accusé himself is taking it as a compliment seeing that he believes i haxx but im not, clearly that means im pro. I've played alot of WoW (World of Warcraft) lately, and i've noticed that the N00b crowd made a move on that franchise aswell, But this is a new breed of noobs, they've been separated into 2 conflicting parties, There's The "L2P noob" That spends most of his time telling other people that they suck by spamming L2p which they probably made a macro for, There's nothing more annoying then a paladin telling you how to play your class, They always counter attack you with the phrase "I have a 60 warlock" when clearly he doesnt know anything about warlocks cus he just asked me if i can make water. These so called L2p(learn to play) noobs often get into brawls with the slightly more annoying "NERF NERF NERF" noobs, these annoying oozelings of people spend all their time in the dueling area, loosing on purpose just so they can Scream NERF after and run of to the Class forum of the The nerfneeding class, and start trolling about how OMG HE ONESHOTTED ME WHINEWHINEWHINE THIS SUXXOR OMG NERF NERF. This often leads to people getting pissed at him, and promotes hate between classes, this is clearly seen between Mage's and Warlock's. but when the L2P noobs meet the NERF noobs, it always ends up with a Battle royale of witty comments and "Yo mama so fat" quotes, Since both noobs have a confronting argument, one side believes that he lost since the other class is clearly overpowered, (This view is very similar to the FPS noob, and Probably is a FPS noob in disguise), And the other person believes the other person lost since he doesnt know his class, This is ofc always the case, but they try and get the message out there in the wrong manner, I would say, "Maybe you need to use Stun before i get a fear of that would gimp my DPS for 4 sec" this is the so called constructive critisism, This works very well on the L2P noobs they say thank you and accept the newly aquired knowledge as an expert opinion seeing im playing the class he wants to kill, On teh other hand the NERF noob will start yelling at you, that he beat ragnaros with his eyes blindfolded and that my class needs a NERF NERF NERF. seeing that im playing a warlock, i've encountered a differnt kind of rare noob, that is all about "OMG u have the same talent specc as that famous warlock how unoriginal" In this case i dont really care, since this build clearly kicks ass in every aspect of the game, i dont see why i shouldnt use it. Ok now for the Psychology part of the text. Some noobs have a mental block that limits them from owning, This is because they play a game like Rainbow six, and in their mind they think, "Oh im a SWAT member better take it easy and flash through this door, This is cool and fun i guess, but it doesnt apply to the game, seeing that i can jump out and shoot you in the head 10 times before you get a flashbang out. People that have this mental block refuse to use exploits and such in a game because its not realistic, Ok heres the dilemma, They wont use it since its realistic but what if using it would mean that u win, The pro will use every means there is to win and then clearly end up superiour, But teh noob will not use it and play it the way his mind lets him, and therefore loose, and start to whine about how the guy used an exploit to win, BY THE END OF THE DAY THE PRO WON it doesnt matter how he won as long as he won. and that way of thinking is what separates the noob from the pro.


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