Saturday, November 19, 2005

A Blast From the very close past.

Today i got really bored with the normal AIM based shooting games so i decided to dust off two awesomwe games that are a bit more movement based,

TRIBES: Vengeance & Unreal Tournament 2004.

UT 2k4

Tribes Vengeance

Thursday, November 17, 2005


It's been boring today, i was so bored that i had to change my teachers head into some random persons head


U have to click it to see really

Edit: Added a more recent pic with some changes.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005


Yepp its been a lame day, so far i've been using Adobe Elementals, which is an awesome picture processing tool. and i've also watched "A history of Violence".
But yeah thats it today really boring acctually.


Ok im in school now,

as u may see im working terribly hard in my biology class, i've just finished the stuff that we should do, which was just about nothing. and tomorrow my dad comes home from norway, hes been spending big parts of his weeks comuting to norway. he better bring something.

I watched Saw 2 with my friends yesterday it was great, im gonna see saw1 again today, noone really wanted to see Dumplings but i saw it after they left, i still cant get the picture out of my head with the woman in the bathtub its the most discusting thing ever made, if you have any morals or even a partial soul dont watch this movie, (Three Extremes).

Monday, November 14, 2005

OK 1 day into the blog

Ok im here again.

i know you've missed me "noone" (i know noones reading).

ok i'm done with this day of school it was teh boring. ok so there's nothing to report other then th
at im bored. im gonna have a movie day thingy tomorrow with some friends, we shall see how that goes. i've planned to show some movies i wonder if three extremes is suitable, since some people find that movie horribly offensive. it might have something to do with the woman eating aborted fetuses, we shall see.

Random pic

Sunday, November 13, 2005


Im back and, um im bored, listening to some music.

so today its been Swedish fathers day, and i didnt buy my dad a gift, he took it well i think, considering we went shopping and i got a headset, thé über headset

and um yesterday i made my first movie using the New game "The movies", which i "bought" through the marvelous thing called thé Internet.
and um, ill get it on this blog ASAP, just wait and see.

My very First post....

Sweet, whoever you are that's reading right now, you are witnessing HISTORY in teh making.

Im gonna start of by explaining why i did this blog, basically i made it to let you low-lifes out there get a small look into my life of fame and owning. lets move on shall we.

I'm at the moment 17 years turning 18 in the coming 3 months, really looking forward to it, NOT!.
and i live in Sweden, the place to be.

i like random things, anything random really, like me now typing the word "Refrigirator" for no reason, now watch...............Refrigirator, Sweet did u see.

random pic

Your welcome.